APE Sévigné represents parents with the direction of Collège Sévigné.

The Association is aimed at the parents of the students of the Sévigné school, at the nursery, primary, secondary and high school levels, whose premises are:
– College and high school, at 28 rue Pierre Nicole – 75005 Paris,
– Kindergarten and primary, at 95, Boulevard d’Arago – 75014 Paris.

Thus, in as wide a way as possible, is the intention of the Association to seek, in agreement with the Administration, the best measures to be taken in the general interest of the children, to point out to them the shortcomings could have escaped her vigilance, to act as an intermediary between her and the parents: her rules are the frank and cordial dialogue and the constructive collaboration, in the respect of the tradition of the Sévigné College and the attributions of each one, notably those of the pedagogical team led by the Principal.
To do this, it is recalled that the APE Sévigné is independent of any political party, union, confession or pressure group.

See the statutes of the APE Sévigné:


Its purpose is to allow:

  • to be a link between the parents and the school management to contribute to the student’s academic success, as well as to prevent potential difficulties, and to help, where necessary, the educational community in its missions,
  • to represent the interests of the students’ parents and their parents in the decision-making bodies of the school, such as class councils, CVL, CVC, etc.
  • to discuss in common all that may concern the interest of the students, whatever the form of the discussion which may be oral, or to be consulted by any means,
  • de formuler, au nom des parents d’élèves, des propositions ou des vœux sur tout sujet afférent à l’objet de l’APE, et notamment en ce qui concerne les intérêts éducatifs, matériels, et moraux de ceux-ci,
  • to continue its execution,
  • de représenter les parents d’élèves de l’établissement, auprès des autorités compétentes, ainsi qu’auprès de toute personne physique ou morale concernée par la vie de l’établissement,
  • to take and promote any initiative that will encourage the widest participation of the parents of Sévigné students in the life of the school, and concerted decisions,
  • to facilitate relations between the parents on the one hand and the higher authorities responsible for the College on the other,
  • to study and realize, directly or indirectly, all out-of-school initiatives of interest to pupils and their families that can extend and enrich pedagogical action and life in the College, in agreement with the College Direction,
  • to provide parents with sufficient information on the decisions or deliberations of the various competent bodies concerning the establishment,
  • to promote social contacts between parents as well as between parents and the school community.