APE Sévigné represents parents with the direction of Collège Sévigné.


We chose Collège Sévigné so that our children can benefit from the best learning and development conditions.

We are grouped together in the APE Sévigné (Association of Parents of Pupils) to contribute, each according to his means and his availability, to the improvement of the school life and the teaching conditions of our children, in collaboration with the administration and the teaching staff.
APE Sévigné represents parents with the direction of Collège Sévigné.


The main objectives of the EPA are:

carry collective, symbolic or exemplary messages
to inform and inform, to understand before acting and to maintain the most cooperative and transparent relations possible with the management, the administration and the teachers of the Sévigné College
foster excellence and the international openness of Collège Sévigné.

To achieve these objectives, the APE Sévigné:
Ensures the representation of parents in the institution
Fulfills a listening, information and action role

The APE Sévigné is associated or participates in various projects during the school year (school exchanges, fair, storytelling, debate club, conferences, various events, etc.)

Role of the APE Sévigné

A.P.E Sévigné centralizes the applications of the delegated parents for each class and supports them throughout the year.

Delegated parents are the privileged actors of the dialogue between all the parents and the teaching staff on the one hand, and the administration on the other hand. They represent class parents to the faculty and attend class councils

The A.P.E regularly organizes open meetings for all to follow the progress of the projects and to discuss with the parents of the various issues, projects or issues of concern.
It is a force of proposal and serves as an interface with the management, administration and faculty of Collège Sévigné during regular meetings.

The APE contributes to the financing of conferences and educational events, organizes the end-of-year fair (nursery and primary school) and participates in the financing and / or the organization of various meetings throughout the year .

The APE participates in the CVC-CVL (Council of Collegian and High School Life) and the CESC (Health Education and Citizenship Committee)

15 Years of experience

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